Automated, Custom Logs for Robot

Hey guys,

I am using UiPath Studio Community Edition (without Orchestrator)
Asume I want to change a lot of RPAs which are all different from each other. I want every robot to store the same logging structure as a .log or .txt file. Custom message should be
<action/message/activity> <start/end>
How can I get this done by not editing every 2nd row in every robot?

  • WriteLine/WriteLog/AppendLine is very costly and time waste because I have to change every 2nd row, right?
  • I’ve already tried to “getProcess” and “Invoke Workflow File” as described here . But I do not know how to get access to every running process with a loop
  • I already read the documentation about Logs and Custom Logs -> I’ve sadly found nothing helpful nor working
  • I even researched for Snippets but also do not know how to use them.

Can you help me finding the easiest way editing like 50 bots with maybe 1-2 line per bot instead of every 2nd row?

Thank you very much for your attention.
Feel free to ask questions.
Best regards.

Check this

Thank you for response but this will not solve my problem creating custom log files with any structure. Do you have any other advice?

i dont understand what you mean by every 2nd row?

Have you tried adding log fields and using a changing variable?

Otherwise, you might be able to edit the nlog.config file to suit your needs.