How could I copy data from a cell in an excel file and paste it into a web form?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this, and I have read almost everything on the forum without being able to achieve what I want, I hope you can help me or give me a guide to be able to do it.

I would like to take a data that is housed in an Excel cell, which has several lines, example:

line 2

In the same cell; And I want to copy this information to be able to paste it into a field of a web form with Type Into.

I know it’s probably very simple, but I couldn’t do it,

Could you help me? @Natapong

Hi @ximenasalas872

did you try using read cell activity?



  1. First use a read range activity and get the required data of all lines into a datatable…
  2. Now you can loop through the datatable and use currentrow("ColumnName”).ToString inside the typeinto and place the type into inside the for loop…

So for each iteration type into would take different row values


If you want to type all of them together…let us know how the values are to be combined…we can combine different rows and create as one string to type all of it together

Hope this helps


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Hi @ximenasalas872

Welcome to the Community,

I hope that your Cell in excel file looks like below,

Now use Read Cell Activity and pass the input of file path, sheet name and cell value, store the output in a variable(data type will be string)

Now you can split the data in it if you want to process it individually, use assign activity and create a variable of type array.string and pass value as Variable.split(Environment.NewLine)

Now you can use for each loop and use attach browser/open browser activity and use type into inside the container and proceed,

if you don’t want to split and just add the data taken directly from the Read cell activity, then continue with the attach browser/open browser activity and use type into inside the container.