Copy data from Excel file into web application

Hello UiPath experts,

I am kinda lost with the following automation, in which I need to enter data from an excel file into a web application.
In need to copy a specific excel row, let´s say called “Operations Expenses” and go to the web application look for that same row and paste the data.
How can I define which row should be copied from excel and then in which row should be pasted in the web application?

Can someone please help me?


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You can follow below steps

Use Application activity to open the browser and required url and there you can navigate to the required webpage
Use Read Range activitiy to read the excel file, In Properties declare a Datatable Variable
Now use For Each Row activity and there you can write into a TypeInto activity as CurrentRow(“Operations Expenses”).ToString
So that you can type the data which is in Excel to Webpage

Hope this may help you



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The above steps by @Srini84 helps you to enter the data from excel to Webpage…further to it…

If you need to identify a specific row on webpage then I believe you have a identifier for the row like a invoice number or bill number…you can use that value from your excel to identify the row by using get attribute activity with dynamic selector

Selector can be like this

<webctrl tag='td' tablecol='1' innertext='{{BillNumberVariable}}' />

and in get attribute get the tablerow property to find the row you need to enter data into and then use tablerow in the following selectors for type into to type the value

<webctrl tag='td' tablecol='4' tablerow='{{varTableRow}}' />

tablecol changes as per the column in the web page

Note: Instead of bill number you have Operation Expenses etc

Hope this helps


Hi Anil G,

Sorry but my webpage does not have any identifier, however I know that that the row position in excel is the same as in web application. Maybe with this image I sent you can better understand what I need.


If tablerow is not present then idx property cna be used…it would also change int eh same way…and as order is same…you can get the excel row number and pass that to idx to go to that specific element

Eg: <webctrl tag='div' class='xyr' idx='{{ExcelRowNum}}' />

Try finding some reliable attributes which are common across the cells and use idx


ok, but which activity should I use to copy and past the entire excel row to web application?


In web app does it allow you to paste whole of row at once?

If yes then you can try reading the data from excel usign read range then assign the data by concatenating to clipboard and then use ctrl+v

Else individual values are to be fetched again using read range and for each row in datatable and then enter each cell data separately

Hope this helps


Sequence.xaml (24.0 KB)

Sorry man, I am not getting there, maybe you can help with this workflow I sent?


First step would be to identify the elments on the web application…use ui explorer and then indicate the element and then try identifying common attributes across cells and add idx=‘1’ and change and check if the cell on web app changes if not refine it more…

We would need the website to help you…without that it would be difficult as we do not know how the selectors are