Copy from excel and paste within web browser

Hello, I want to select all cells from a column and paste each cell’s content in a text block.
Could someone help me?

Not a lot of information to go on.
Read the spreadsheet into a DT
For each row assign the column value to a list collection or just a concat in a string.
Then type list into the text block.

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Hello matt thanks for your help but I realize now that I really wasn’t clear enough, sorry for that.
I don’t want to copy all the cells in one text block but one after the other in a different text block.
I want to take the content of each cell, paste it in a text block into a browser. What I have done so far is used read range and put the data I want in a data table variable I then filter the data with a filter wizard, then i put the result within an other data table variable.
After that I use a for each activity to try and paste each cell within the browser, but it doesn’t pastes the content of the cell but the type of the content “System.Data.DataRowCollection”. could you help me on that? I will add pictures of what I did to be more precise.
Thank you very much.

to paste the item within the for each loop use row(#).tostring where # is the column index of the value.

Thanks so much matt it works, but it doesn’t stop at the last cell it keeps the loop for each going with the blank cells. How could I make it stops as soon as there are empty cells?

put a condition when String.isnullorempty(row(#).tostring) is false to do the step or something similar.

thanks a lot matt

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