Automate multiple order sheets and filling in of the web form


How do you copy a certain range in one sheet then copy in the form fill and then loop it through (by going to another sheet in same excel file and same data range, copy and then paste it in the form)


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  1. Usually when you want to read a range of data from excel we can use excel application scope and mention the range we want in READ RANGE activity which will give us dt, a DATATABLE variable

  2. Then we can pass that DATATABLE to a FOR EACH ROW activity and inside the that you can use type into activity to fill the form

So the steps involved are as follows

-excel application scope and pass the file path as input and from that same activity get the output as a workbook variable named out_workbook

-inside the scope use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above workbook variable as input like this
And change the type argument property as string

-inside the loop use a READ RANGE activity where pass the range you want to mention and get the output as dt

-then inside the same loop after read range use a FOR EACH ROW activity and pass dt as input

-inside that for each row loop use n number of type into activity and pass the input to those fields like CurrentRow(“your column name”).ToString

This will type the value from range from first sheet and iterates back with next sheet for same range of data

Hope this would help you

Cheers @cromulxnt

Can u have a video demo?

You can do as below.



I used a for each function instead

Thank you