Connecting robot to orchestrator in new version

I recently installed a new version of Uipath community edition. I am trying to connect a robot with orchestrator but there is not any machine key available while creating a robot in orchestrator. Can anyone help me with this please. Thank you.

Hi @suwalruchan365

You can find the Machine Key in the Machines Page.

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Follow the Steps…


Hello everyone

In my case I get to do those steps but the robot never appears as connected after doing all the above, could you help me?

In UiPath Robot I connect it correctly, but then does not appear to me as commented connected in the Orchestrator. I had some processes linked previously and if I appear in the UiPath Robot window but not in the Orchestrator. Also comment that I created at least two orchestrators because the first one who believes would not let me enter later nor recover my password and that way tube to create a new one. Do you know if this has an impact on not being able to connect the new robot now?

Hello @joseluisgomez82,

You have commented that you have created two orchestrator tenants.
Have you checked is your robot is connected to the right orchestrator tenant?

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Hi @Susana,

If I created two why not let me recover the password of the first, and creating the next I had to put in the field “Machine” the same name of the PC to which it refers, which is pointing.

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Hi @joseluisgomez82,

Have you checked that you are using the correct robot key? Can you give us more details?

Go through these links could be useful:

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Hi @Susana

All settled on my part, again thank you!

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