How Can We Send an Email To Business When any Transaction is Failed?

Hello All,

Shortly, my process is about ordering with material number in SAP. I have used queue item for this process. Material number, which i have received from the Excel file, is adding to queue.
Long story short, I would like to send an email at the end of the process when any transaction(material number with quantity) is failed so that business side is informed about what material numbers are not ordered. How can I do that? Thank you in advance for your helps.

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Are you using ReFramework or custom code.

I am using the custom Reframework.

@halime.arslan-ext so through try catch you can handle this and catch section you can put send email activity

Hey @halime.arslan-ext,

If you are using the ReFramework, in RE there is a xaml called SetTransactionStatus, in that there is a sequence called Business Exception in that you can send the exception email to the business.