REFramework - Exucute activity when transactions are processed

Hi Community

I am using the REFramework and need to send an email when all transactions are done.

Where would you put the email activity and how would you write the condition? end process?

Should I maybe create another project for the email activity?

Really interested in hearing your thoughts on best practice!

In the end process., after close all applications workflow, attach new workflow with required processes inside @ChrisPals. That will send you the mail once all the transactions are completed

Hi @HareeshMR

Thank you for the input.

Do you have suggestion for how to write the condition as well? :grinning:

You don’t need to write any condition @ChrisPals

Just drag send outlook or any mail message activity and provide the required fields. Once the process is completed, then it will send you the mail

Hi @HareeshMR

Just to pick up on this. What if the robot fails due to ‘system error’ or ‘no more transaction’ data and sends the email even though transactions are not processed?

Hey Buddy @ChrisPals,
Yes this sends Email even when the robot fails.
You better need to mention send email in Process xaml when transaction id is the last one.
Ex: send email if
transaction number = last transaction

You just need to capture the response of the above process if it is success or failure in a string and pass it to the body of the mail so that it will send you mail with the details.