Set transaction Status Business Exception


Im developing one code in Reframework thats i need a help of one scenario.

Filename ends with .doc then go for next process. else its an business exception send email to the user like that i need to develop. my development as below

If activity Condition Filename.ToString.EndsWith(".doc")
go for next processes what ever it may be

Set transaction status to Failed Business Rule Exception.

PS : im not using orchestrator we are using DataRow
I need to develop else part please help

Thanks in advance


If you are not using orchestrator , What for you are using set transaction status?

Instead you can write the result in excel or write the error in log and can move to process next row right?

Send mail activity can be used in Else part

@Shriharsha_H_N In else part, you can throw business exception using throw activity. And you can handle it as required.

I am not sure why do you need to set transaction status as you don’t have orchestrator.

Yes i need to use send error email and i stop particular transaction and go for next transaction. could you help?


in the else part i need to send a email to user this particular transaction has been error and go for next transaction could you help?


Use Send Mail Activity . Give the error in body of the mail

im not using any try catch to use error its an else statement in the string. i need to stope particular transaction and go for next transaction item

PFA for code

  1. You can handle it by setting any boolean value and proceeding as per the condition .
  2. Using Try Catch block

Can you please ellaborate your process with screenshot

After sending mail , Whats your next step of process ?

after sending to the email to the user stop particular transaction and go foe next transaction


What do you mean by stopping the transaction ?

Sending mail is not a end step of your process ? Are we doing anything after sending mail ? like checking for any selectors or searching any value etc

after sending the email particular transaction needs to stop there is no other activity in current transaction directly we stop current transaction and go for next transaction item

You are looping the datatable and processing right?

If there is no any other activity after mail , bot will move to process the next transaction only provided you are using foreach loop

yes we used datatable processing. attachemnt for your reference.

Remove Set transaction Status and include send mail .

Once it reaches else part , it sends mail and move to process the next records

Try and share the error messages if any

oh sorry like that ur asked a after if condition there is some other activities i need to stop thats the reason at that moment i dint understand after sending email i need to stop transaction it not go for next selector

After sending mail set a boolean value

put one if condition to check boolean value

If it satisfies proceed to do other activities else go for next record to process

im not going for next process i want to go next transaction and i stop current transaction