Send an email when there are no more transactions to treat (applying Reframework)

I’m building a process that after treating all the transactions needs to send an email with a file that was being created during the process.
I’m using the Reframework.

My question is what should be the “right” place to put the action that sends the emails:

  1. In the transition “No Data”
  2. In the “GetTransactionData” workflow with an if checking TransactionItem Is Nothing
  3. In the “Get Transaction Data” state in the Exit with an if checking TransactionItem Is Nothing

Hi @Debora_Pera
You invoke/put it in the End Process state :slight_smile:
One UiPath MVP told me that all the processes that need to be done right before the robot ends should be invoked/put in the End Process State. That is why the CloseAllApplications workflow is invoked there :slight_smile:
Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

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But in case of System Error in the Init State I don’t want to send this email, for example.

How can I solve that?

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I think this is the correct place to send an email when there are no more transactionItems to process.

Hi Debora_Pera
Applying @Jan_Brian_Despi’s suggestion, you can use a conditional statement to check if TransactionItem Is Nothing and if a file was created because if a file was not created that means the process stopped at Init State or the system error in the Init State therefore the email can not be sent but rather the whole process is redone until TransactionItem Is Nothing

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This is right solution…i have one more solution you can add send mail activity in the transaction line which is attached to Get Transaction State and End State Which states No Data add it at the Second Condition where TransactionItem is Nothing