How Can The 'Reply To A Channel Message' Activity Be Used To Send A Reply For A Message Sent Using The 'Send Channel Message' Activity?

Integration Services Microsoft Teams - How can the 'Replay to a channel message' be used to send a reply for a message sent using the 'Send Channel Message' activity?

Issue Description: The 'Send channel message' activity can send a message in one of the team's channels with an option to attach one file or a SharePoint URL. How can the 'Reply to a channel message' activity be used to reply to a message sent by the 'Send channel message' activity?

Resolution: The 'Send channel message' activity has an output property called 'Message' for the Channel message. This property has the ID of the sent message as one of its properties. This can be used for the value of 'Message ID' in the activity 'Reply to a channel' message.

For example, if the name of the Message field variable is MessageSent, then the ID can be retrieved using MessageSent.ID.

Reference screen-print below