How to reply back to outlook email with Message-ID

Can we reply back to source email if we only have the Message-ID of the mail?

Hi @Divya_Salve

You can try the following approach to achieve this:

  1. ‘Get IMAP Mail Messages’ activity to retrieve the email message that matches the message ID.
  2. Extract the necessary information from the email message using the ‘Get IMAP Mail Message’, to extract details such as the sender’s email address, subject, and body of the email.
  3. Use the ‘Send SMTP Mail Message’ activity to reply back to the sender’s email address, using the information extracted. In the properties, set the “To” field to the email address of the sender, set the “Subject” field to the subject of the original email (with the prefix “Re:” added), and set the “Body” field to the message you want to send as a reply.

Hope this helps.
Best Regards.

Im using outlook activities & I used “@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:messageid = ‘<your_message_id_here>’” this filter.
Even with the correct message-ID its returning 0 as output. IS the filter expression correct?