How can I upgrade orchestrator and studio of version 2018 to the latest version of 2019 if they are enterprise edition

Hey, I am looking for an upgrade the orchestrator and studio which is a version of 2018.4.5 to the latest version of 2019 and its enterprise edition

How can i upgrade it? Is there any impact on older workflows?

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Hi Rajat_16,

did u got your needs?

No, I didn’t

I guess, I need to create a ticket to get a proper answer from them.

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I had talked with them and confirmed that there no impact. but, even has no impact you need to create a backup plan in case bad happen occurs.

you are safe to upgrade buy click Upgrade button. Upgrade Orchestrator first then Studio and Robot.


There is no impact; however it is advisable to backup the old orchestrator files, web config, nuget folder, and also the database.

Then proceed on the upgrade depending on whether you used .exe or msi.


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