How To update Enterprise edition from 2018.4.5 to latest one?


I want to update on premise Licensed Enterprise Edition from 2018.4.5 to latest version. how can i do that?

It will cost extra?

Also it will impact the process created in old version after version Update?

Can some one help me out please ?

Hi @Ronak.Khamar,
Considering your tag as Studio, if your current studio has a valid license key which is not expired, you can upgrade to latest version without any additional costs. You might want to go through below details to check the compatibility and upgrade steps,

“UiPath supports backward compatibility. Projects created with older versions of Studio can be executed on newer Robots. For example, a project created with Studio v2018.4 should work on a v2019.10 Robot or newer.” Also backing up the existing code before an upgrade is always a good practice.


for Orchestrator? when i update Orchestrator the robot version need to update?

can we move from on-premise to cloud with version update? if yes how to do it?

Yes., ideally your Orchestrator-Robot-Studio should be in same version when you upgrade. Or Robot-Studio must be same version and Orchestrator can be a higher version. Otherwise packages and other dependencies can create issues. Normally when we upgrade, we upgrade orchestrator first. Make sure process are running fine with older versions of Robot and Studio. Then upgrade Robot and Studio to same version. You can read about orchestrator upgrade here,

About migrating from On-Prem to Cloud, there is no easy way as of now. You will have to do the complete deployment to cloud orchestrator manually. Since UiPath has backward compatibility, process should run without any issues using cloud orchestrator as well.

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Also i can edit that older version project in latest version studio?

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