How to upgrade orchestrator v2018.xx to v2019(Last update)

Hello, I need to upgrade orchestrator v2018.xx (windows installation .msi) to v2019 last updated version.
Please, recommend a backup solution and upgrade step.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing from you.
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Check this link

Thank you Pradeep_Shiv.

I checked the information in link “About Updating: Major Change” and I have any questions.
I did not find issue the backup process of orchestrator or studio and robot because of very concern to configuration, job schedules, licenses, and user. It will be lost.

And most information on a manual document of UiPath is v2018xxx or older version.
There is not much information about the upgrade 2018 to 2019 version.

Thanks in advance.
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hi @thoussaporn
just follow the below link