How to Wait until page Gets Loaded?

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My questions is like how to wait dynamically until the webpage gets loaded in UiPath ?
It may load in 5 secs or 1min or 2mins .

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Please use the wait for load property and set it to complete in the activities almost all activities have it

Or you can explicitly use element exists, on element appear or check app state activities


Hi @Akash_Clv

Use a While loop & place an Element Exists activity. Configure the Element Exists to target an element on the webpage that indicates its loaded state. In the properties, set the Output variable IsPageLoaded. Set the condition of the While loop to Not IsPageLoaded. This means the loop will continue until the webpage is loaded.

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you can made custom delay by using Element Exist.
put one Element Exist and assign bool variable it.
put while loop and assign that variable and in condition give that bool variable as Not BoolVar
put delay activity inside loop and give 5 second delay
after loop put again element exist with same selector and variable.

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@Akash_Clv you can check inside loop that how many times its added delay so that in case of portal/web is actually not working then it generates business exception otherwise it will run all the time.

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Thanks for your Suggestions , i have better clarity now

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