How can i press PrtScr (print screen) button through robot?

I am Unable to find any activity which helps in pressing PrtSc button in windows

You do not really need to do this as there is an activity called Take Screenshot. You need to call this activity and save the result to an image variable type which can then be saved using the Save Image activity.



Thanks for rply .
i know about take screenshot activity but we have an internal application where youi just press prntscreen and the screenshot is saved in the application .
i just changed the key combination for that application as a work around .

Try this incase if you still need



not working

See if this works.

printScreen.xaml (5.7 KB)



This will take the current active window only so … make sure just for reliability to make active your application window before to call this :slight_smile:

Their is one more way by getting window Rectangle bound and then Using Bitmap and graphichs lib you can achieve but that will produce same result as of like Take Screenshot activity.

Above one is short and Good to take current active screen which is good in mostly needed cases :slight_smile: @vvaidya :+1:



Correct. This is not selector based screenshot, it will capture your entire monitor as no bounds were set.

Also if you have any third party Image capture application installed for eg: Greenshot , you will have to check if that is getting triggered with this Key event or its working fine.

Hello everyone,

I tried to use the method explained above (invoke) but I still have to select the area and save the image.
How can I do this? Because cannot open the .xaml file to check.

Thank you in advance!


I’ve just downloaded this particular .xaml from @vvaidya and it works for me, saving the screenshot in the directory the .xaml is saved.

Why can’t you open it? What’s the error?


Hi @vvaidya, This solution helped me a lot…i wanted to take a screenshot in citrix session and save the image in that system itself…later i added opening paint and pasting the picture into the paint canvas. Thanks a lot man :slight_smile:

Very thanks @vvaidya

hi @vvaidya , im having this error. pls help. thanks

able to sort out