Print Screen Hot Key

Hi All,
I want to use Send Hot Key to Print Screen, but I can not find PrtScr in the Special Key list.

Is there anybody could help?


You can use Take Screenshot activity

The easiest is Win+PrtScr, but how?

Have you used that activity?


Yes, I used it.

Could you give me some help?

I think the Take Screenshot only shot the UI element like button. I want to cut the image part of QR code in the pdf file.


output of both print screen and Take screenshot are same only. we can’t cut QR code part from PDF file using Take screenshot activity.

In forum, I’ve seen somebody suggested one way.
Screen Print an opened pdf file to an image and use QR Reader activity to recognize the QR code in the image.

Most parts are worked well. Only the part of Screen Print could not be achieved.

I have tried Take ScreenShot but it did not work, no selector.

Print Screen is saving to another image file *.png.

I’ve solved this problem.

Use Take Screenshot activity.
Use one button as an anchor, use the ClippingRegion to select the relative area.
Then get the QR Code as button


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