Taking Screenshot in citrix automation

I am doing citrix automation. I want to take screenshot in the remote machine. when I am using “Take Screenshot” activity, the robot is taking the screenshot of the local machine. How can I take the screenshot in remote machine?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @bhargav29494

You can pass also the screen shot to save it on shared drive but if you wants to take a screen shot inside citrix then what i have tried was to use “The onscreen keyboard utility” .

By using window explorer and type On-Screen Keyboard and hit enter. then by using image click activity click on that particular window ,screenshot you wanna take. then click on “ctrl+alt+prtSC”. and paste it where you wanna save it.

sidenote - after opening the onscreen keyboard please maintain its state. and the window you wants to take screen shot. you can restore windows state by using short key as well.


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hi ,

i dnt see why you can’t able to do with remote desktop bcz i have done the same. For me its working fine .Could you please attach the workflow.you might be missing RDP window(selectors) when screenshot activity is being executing.

I have a similar issue where the screenshot activity works when the remote desktop is open but does not when it is closed or minimized.