PrtSc hotkey

Hi Team,

As I am working on a project, I had to save the screenshot in Excel file. But I realized Uipath doesn’t have PrtSc hot key. Please add it in send hotkey activity. Else, please give me any other go if somebody knows.


Hi Rahul,
You have the take screenshot activity to take screenshots. Please give a try.
After taking screenshot you can use save image activity to save that image.


I know there’s “Take Screenshot” activity.

After taking screenshot, I had to save it as image by using “Save Image”. Then I was able to insert it to Excel file by “Alt + n” and then “p”.

Though it would be easier if there’s PrtSc hotkey…!

Hope this helps.

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Hi @a-Taniya,

Even I know that activity. But we can not paste it in excel. However, your approach solves the problem effectively. Thanks for your solution.

But would be great if we had PrtSc hotkey.


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Well this is more reliable way to Embed an object into excel after taking screenshot :smiley:

Have a look into this as well:



Could you please guide me how to do certification in UIPath.


Hi @Pratyush_Panda
Please checkout:


The ideas here offer workarounds. For example, I tried the Insert Picture option from the Word document using Insert >> Picture >> This Device and I had a few problems.

The hotkey combinations for these operations don’t work reliably when performed by the robot:
Alt + n = Insert
p = Picture
d = This device
Works great when we are doing it. But the Robot struggles with it. It goes up to Alt+n, and then prints the characters “p” and “d” to the empty word document. I tried Shift+p and Shift+d and the result was no different.

The second issue is that the Insert Dialog is not friendly to SendWindowsMessage or SimulateClick when typing the file path in the File name field. I’m not sure why.It works in Excel, but Word just gives me a hard time.

I managed to generate the selectors using Desktop recording and the Robot is able to paste images to the word document, but it gets in the way of the human owner. I was trying to build a Triggered automation to perform screen capture and although the screen shot part works great in the background, the saving part makes the automation visible and interrupts the human owner which is not so great.

Print screen automation along with advanced Clipboard automation would be nice to have!