How can I iterate through a dropdown in a desktop application eg. notepad script dropdown

Hi, am new to UIPath,How can I iterate through a dropdown in a desktop application eg. notepad script dropdown. I see there are many replies with the same requirement but the list is in a website not desktop

Hi @UmeshN

The principle is similar thought (as you can see by looking on the forum).

You can use Find Children activity and point it to the container containing the list. You should then receive a list of UiElements that you can iterate through using For Each activity :slight_smile:


Hi @loginerror
Thank you for your reply. Will try and come back if any more details are required .

Hi Sir loginerror what should i do because the click activity is not working on this dropdown icon…

I can’t get text in dropdown menu on desktop application. but on website can do.

Hi @lertsak.n

Could you maybe provide a screenshot with a sample of the drop-down?

Also, a few things to look into:

  • version of the UIAutomation activity package (try with the newest one)
  • is it maybe a java application? For those there are extra plugins to be installed :slight_smile:

I believe some of the application won’t allow the select that drop down with SELECT ITEM activity due to uielement node attribute and it’s value or missing of SELECT TAG

Is there any option to type in that field instead of scrolling and searching for a text

So if you have the text to be searched and clicked we can rather type in that text using TYPE INTO activity which is another workaround

Cheers @lertsak.n



thanks for the advice
I want to get all the items in the drop down menu to bring, check the conditions and put them in the box.

Then we can try with other way of accessing drop down
Pls refer


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I think the desktop application I’m using probably not allowed. Thank You.

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I use that method with the application.
But the result can’t continue like the website.