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Hi, in my case, I have a drop down list which I can click one of the options to open another window. How do I able to open every options in the drop down list using UiPath?


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Did we try using find children activity and get attribute activity


Thanks Palaniyappan
But the solutions can’t solve my problem

Can you send the workflow that you implemented?


To be very simple once after getting the text name in those drop down with FIND CHILDREN and GET ATTRIBUTE activity pass that output variable from get attribute activity to a SELECT ITEM activity with which you can select and work in each drop down item one after the another

So the steps will be

—Find children
—pass the output variable from find children to FOR EACH ACTIVITY
—inside the For each activity use a GET ATTRIBUTE act and get the aaname attribute value as a string variable
—inside the same loop use a SELECT ITEM activity and pass the above variable as input

You can use Select item activity but if that activity doesn’t work then workaround would be

  • using find children+get attribute activity.(reference)
  • or if item are constant you can try with sendhotkey activity(down+enter)
  • or you can just use TypeInto Activity if dropdown allows you to enter text.

Cheers @Xian

Hi @Charbel1,

A similar question was asked last year. Since you too want to open all child-items in the dropdown list, please refer to the suggested solution in this thread and modify it to your use-case.

Issues with counting from a drop-down list - Help - UiPath Community Forum

Hope this helps!

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