How can I improve my workflow

I am using the RE framework to build my project.
I tried my best to keep sequences separate but somehow ends up in a problem
here is the file can some one please help me separate the data scraping sequence in this file into different workflows so it looks clean
Extract_data.xaml (62.9 KB)

HI @Sami_Rajput

Do you have any issue while building the REFramework?

Check out the video link

Hope this will helps


thanks for your response.
Actually i have finished up my project but i think it still needs improvements
can you please help me with that
I have edited the main question, please refer to that if you have any queries or if you want the whole project I can DM you

What problem do you having in the XAML file @Sami_Rajput ?

This xaml file is doing many things at the same time… I want to separate those tasks so it looks more clean…
Particularly data scraping sequence…
Hope I’m being clear to you…

Hi @Sami_Rajput

In the Data scrapping Sequence Inside that you are using For Each row activity it will loop through based on the excel file.

Workflow look good.

You can give a specific / More detail what do you need to achieve.


Hello @Sami_Rajput

You can check the below doc for the best practices.

If it is a complicated process, it’s always better to split it into different workflows and call using invoke workflow activity.


apologies I think I am not currently aware of the right terms…
I want to remove the "Data scraping sequence " from this XAML file and place it in some other separate workflow and then invoke that workflow in this XAML file
Some thing like that

HI @Sami_Rajput

Create an New Workflow


Cut the For each row flow and paste it in the New Workflow

After that, Create an Argument

And Pass the same Value Output the Workflow.


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