Quit the process with saving data

Hi! My robot should read data from an application and load it in datatable. At the end it should write the result in the worksheet. I notice that the time of processing is too long. My pc is blocked. I want to quit, but be able to save the data that is already loaded. How can I do it?


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If you are using REFramework you can do it in the ‘End Process’ state.

If you are using workflow, then you need to update the data then and there for each transaction, so you will loose only the last transaction if there is any issues in between to complete the whole process.

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Thank you for the reply! What is the differens between REFramework and workflow?


REFramework is a builtin and ready to use framework for process automation, in UiPath studio while creating a new process you can see an option called “Robotic Enterprise Framework”.

You can see REFramework with tabular data processing here in this link.

The workflow I have mentioned here is referring to the simple Sequence or workflow for the process.

Great! Thank you!

@Lena Time taken will be Depends on the number of applications from which applications you are extracting the data. What you do is:

  1. Extract data from each application and as soon as complete from one application then write data to excel and made it as auto save is true.
  2. As soon as you done with each application close those applications.
  3. Do not open all applications at once make it as sequence one after the other.

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