Convert this xaml file to Re Framework

Can any one convert this flow to re framework. Thank you in advance.
Attachment_with_current_date_save.xaml (15.3 KB)


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HI @Sudheer_Kumar_S ,

Are u facing any challenge here ?

yes, i am new to this re framework… we need to kill all processes that are in open then we need to initialize outlook then we need to save the attachments to local folder but i need this process in re framework


Open one REFramework Template

project panel->Files->Create one folder as Workflows->copy this workflow file which you attached

open the REFramework use invoke workflow to use this workflow where ever you want this workflow to use.


Hi @Sudheer_Kumar_S

Refer the doc for more information.

How to Use Enhanced REFramework to Implement UiPath Projects | UiPath.



Refer this thread for step by step walkthrough on converting a process to REFramework

Cheers @Sudheer_Kumar_S