How can i get first cell from range?


I have a multi-table excel. First I find the table range to use with the “Get Table Range” activity. Then I want to write text in the first row of the 4th column with “Write Range”, but the cell I will start typing will constantly change. What should I write in the “cell” part of the “Write Range” activity?

How can i get first cell from range ?


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Hi @heyium

You can use excel scope and then find/Replace and find ‘PRE’ which is there at start of all tables. This will give you the list of all the cells those are you start points


hi @Anil_G
is there any other method?

HI @heyium

You can also try with Look up Range activity to get the Pre Range in the Excel

Check out the video link


@Gokul001 Thank you!

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