How to Define Range for Write Cell Activity in Ui Path

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Please tell me how i can use Write Cell Activity to enter text to Particular Column in Exel. I am not able to set Range Property for this. Please find Attached screenshot for this error.

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Varun Shinde


If you want to write to the Cell then use Write Cell actvity and write as below

If you want to write as Range then use Fill Range and write as below


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Hi Srini,

Above codes are giving some error as below.

Hi @varun_shinde1 ,

In the Write Cell, You would require to use Cell() instead of Range()



If you want to type in a specific single cell then use WRITE CELL activity

And your scenario looks like you want to type in a specific cell

So use a write cell activity and mention like this

In What to write - Updated Successfully

In Where to write -

If its not A1 then mention the cell position where you want to type but it should be a single cell

If you want to type for a range of cell then use WRITE RANGE activity

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When you are using Write Cell, then you have to give it as a cell, not range

so write as Excel.Sheet(“YourSheetName”).Cell(“A1”)

If you want to write in a range then use Fill Range activity and give range as below


Hope this will help you


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