Create Table Activities

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I was about to create a table in an excel sheet from time to time. But I can’t directly indicate the range of the table to be formed. This is due to the table range might be change from time to time, that’s why I can’t specify it with a specific range. So how am I going to fill in the range column?


Use copy range activity, you just need to provide the starting range. Not the entire range.
For example if you want the data to start from cell “A1”, provide range as “A1”.

Hi - You refer to this link. Hope this helps.

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Hi @KannanSuresh

But I’m having two tables in an excel sheet. And the data are existed just that I need to create it into table form.

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Here are the sample,

Previously I have two data table like this.

I was about to use create table activities to create two tables like below.

How am I going to specify the range if I only know the top cell which is “A1” and “G1”, instead of knowing the last column to be?

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