How can I find this

The Orchestrator seems to have been revised.How can I find this to set up Domain/Username?

Hi @Wei2

You can follow this path to make the specified modifications:

Tenant > Folders > Select your folder > Under Accounts & Groups - Click on 3 dots (More Actions) > Edit Tenant Role & Robot (Optional)

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Hi @Wei2

You can follow this path to make the changes:

`Tenant > Manage Access > Assign Roles > Under That select your user - Click on 3 dots (More Actions) > Edit > Unattended Steup

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Do you want to connect Atended Robot via MachineKey or ClientID?
If so,it’s necessary to set Hybrid at Attended at Robot authentication in Robot security.

Please note that it’s also necessary turn off user license management if you use AutomationCloud.



Previously it was there on robots menu…

Now there are no robots only machines and users

We can procide creds in the users menu only which is manage access now

Tenants → manage access → select user and edit → enable unattended → you will get option to provide creds

And if we give robot role then it gets added as robot as well in robots menu

Hope this helps


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