How can I convert a project using VB expression to use C#?

We have an existing UiPath project using VB.Net expression. Recently the manager wants to change the language to C#. We already installed UiPath Studio Pro. Can we just modify the xaml file and project setting to accomplish the conversion?

Thank you.


Do you have Invoke Code activities and you want to use the C# language or do you mean you want the entire project as C#?

For entire Project I have no idea, but for Invoke Code activities you can change the language in the properties of the activity Invoke Code. There is an option for language and you can select VB.Net or C#

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Hi @Kyle_Wong ,

Open your Json file, do the changes and save it back.


The syntax of VB and c# ist different. So Change on programming languguage Done on project.json or invoke code Activity will Not Trigger a Code conversion of existing code