C# or VB

Hi Community, I wanted to follow up on this topic. Is C# now fully integrated into UIPATH?, meaning can we now use C# instead of VB?

Also what is the way to go for the future for UIPATH C# or VB?

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Hi @Sidney_Vogel,

Yes, it was possible since last Studio release (version 2020.10.2).

Coding within the workflow (writing expressions in properties) now can be done in C#.

In addition, when you use Invoke Code activity, it’s possible to choose C# (It was possible before this version).

Also, you can create custom activities using C# (It was possible before this version too).

About future plans on this topic, I believe that @badita can share some interesting information.

Hi @Sidney_Vogel,

Please read the release note from following link

As per the release note you can use VB or C# and even you can change the default Language to C# for the future projects

Hey @SamanGuruge,

In your UiPath Studio does this option of selecting the language appear?

I have 2020.10.2 installed and it doesn’t appear.

Hi @gustavo.cervelin,

change Governance file as following link

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Hi @SamanGuruge,

Nice, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Important note: It only works with Studio Pro

I have UI Path Community version 2020.10.4 and default language is VB.Net on creating process but i want to change the langugage to C# unable to find any option to change the language Kindly help me

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Hi @BilalG6029,

It seems it is not possible to change to C# if you are using Community one.