'invoke code' c# in enterprise version of UiPath


I am aware that C# is not supported in Enterprise version of Studio yet. Is it the same for using C# code inside ‘Invoke Code’ activity?


You can use C# in Enterprise Version of Invoke Code activity


Thanks, there is so much forum discussion going on about removing of c# from Enterprise version, what exactly they mean? Could you please enlighten me on this?

As far as I understand, it is about using C# for expressions in your project, not the Invoke Code activity. To keep it simple, at project level, InvokeCode is an activity and the code is a string.

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This is correct. The expression language is set at the project level and all activities in the project will use that compiler (i.e. the VB) to compile the project. Even Visual Studio doesn’t allow mixing VB and C# in the same project.

If you want to call C# code from a VB Studio project, the way to do this would be to build a C# .dll (class library) using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code with the .NET SDK and use the “Invoke Method” activity to call the method on the .dll

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Great, Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

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