How can I check if an element or window exists using UiPath Studio?

I want to automate a task where I want to check whether an application window exists or not and based on it perform another activity. How can I do that in UiPath studio?


Please use check app state activity which will help in indicating or identifying if windows exists


Or use the (classic) Elements Exists activity. You’ll need to enable classic activities using the filter icon in the activity-panel.

Edit; removed wrong info about Check App State

Hi @sarfaraz_kh
If you are using old version then
use “Element Exist”
if you are using latest version then use
“check up state” check up state is modern activity

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Actually, that’s not correct. The Check App State activity can be used without an application scope. At least in my environment :wink: Studio 2022.10.7, UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities 22.10.5.

Ah thanks, I did not know this!

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