Check App State and verifications missing window features

Often what we need to check for is whether or not a window appeared, not an object within the window. This can’t be done with Check App State nor the “Verify execution” properties because the window selector and UI element selector are separate.

With the old activities like Element Exists there was just one selector, and you could use it to check for a window itself rather than an element inside the window.

The modern activities need improvement in this area.

Hi Paul,

Check App State activity is allowed to work standalone, outside an Use Application/Browser activity, using just the information contained in its target. This way you can check if an entire application/window appeared, not only a single UI element within a window.
This information is also available in the activity doc page:

The indicate wizard doesn’t allow you to select just a window. It requires you to select an element within the window. And if you try to use just the window selector, it throws an error: