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In my workspace check app state activity is not available what can be the alternative for this or what can be done in order to get that activity I have installed the package which supports this activity also.

I need to check in a web page like after some search I’ll get a page which shows the graph if the graph page is present I need to do some operation of data extraction of not I need to report no data found…

This task was very easy using check app state but I don’t have it now what can be done in alternative.

Thank you

Hi @sanjay_gowda

Please try Clicking on the Filter Icon in the Activities panel and Select “Show Modern”.

And install uipath.uiautomation.activities


Hope this helps,


Hi @sanjay_gowda

an alternative for check app state you can use something called as ELEMENT EXIST

where output would be a Boolean value

so kindly use element exist and indicate graph , then use an if condition to check whether that perticular elememt exist or not


Thank you @suraj.setty this helped me to resolve some issues I had

Thank you @nikhil.girish this helped me to get an alternative method when I get wrong next time

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