How BAPI Activity work for SSO Authentication

In my current use case, I have access for Fiogi but not to SAP GU. So I don’t have a custom password but only SSO authentication.

Is it possible BAPI Activity can work with SSO.

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@Bhushan.Khadpe Would you be able to answer the question?

@StefanSchnell Do you have any experience here?

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Hi @sishiramishra Yes, the BAPI activity works with SSO. You will have to configure the appropriate settings on the SAP Application Scope activity. Typically, your SAP Logon will also be configured with the same settings. Since you do not have SAP Logon/SAP GUI, you will have to check with your SAP admin on your company’s SSO setup for SAP GUI. You will most likely also have to install the SNC library that your company uses with SAP GUI on your machine as it may not be already present. Once you have the details, you can specify them in the scope activity as below. I am presuming that you also already have the SAP .NET Connector installed.

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Great input. Would you mind sharing more ref documents on SNC Library and the process around this ?