SAP BAPI Activity Release 2.2.5

Since 14 days is the current release 2.2.5 of the UiPath SAP BAPI Activity available. A very great new feature is the copy functionality of the connection settings.

When the button “Copy to Robot Connection” is pressed, the connection data will be added to the properties. This saves a lot of typing. :grinning: Excellent.

@LevKushnir wrote here about the return of the specific error messages, great, so you can quickly and easily detect incorrect parameters. :+1:

Two small suggestions for improvement to the development team:

  • If the dark color scheme is used, the dialog is not good so readable.

  • Maybe it is possible to transfer the password as well, when copying the connection data, and to set it, depending of the used programming language, into a scheme e.g. like this:
    (new System.Net.NetworkCredential(“”, “mypassword”)).SecurePassword
    I know that passwords are always a delicate matter. There are good reasons not to transfer the password, but perhaps this can be provided as an optional possibility.

Thank you very much for the great evolution of this activity. It makes the use of SAP BAPIs much easier.

HI @StefanSchnell

Yes, with the latest release we are covering also one of your suggestions

Best regards, Lev

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Thank you very much @LevKushnir :grinning:

@StefanSchnell some insider insights, special for you :+1:

We have just created the issue for this. This is a clear :bug:

Thanks for letting me know

Best regards, Lev

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Thank you very much Lev :grinning:

@StefanSchnell as @LevKushnir posted the issue on dark skin is already in our backlog.
Regarding the password FR: As you already mentioned, we cannot convert protected passwords into strings and write them into text files.

Have a great day,



Hello Robert,
thanks for your reply.

Okay, I understand your concerns about the password transfer.

Another suggestion is to transfer simply the pattern
(new System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "")).SecurePassword
into the password field when pressing the “Copy to Robot Connection” button, without the password. That would make the process a little bit easier.

Thanks and best regards

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Hi Stefan!
I agree this would be nice to have.
I’ll create a backlog item.
Thank you and best regards,

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