Use of BAPI Activity without Additional Installation of NCo, only with SAP GUI for Windows


Hello UiPath Developer Team,

today I tried to install your SAP BAPI activity without an additional installation of the SAP dotNET Connector NCo. On my system was only installed the current release 7.60 PL 8 of the SAP GUI for Windows. The SAP GUI for Windows contains all components of NCo. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

As far as I can see is the version number fixed in your activity. Therefore I copied in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) the existing NCo subdirectories, with the version number, to a new subdirectory with your version number.

And what should I say, now everything also works without additional installation of SAP NCo.

My suggestion is to extend the package reference in your BAPI activity to version On this way it is possible to use your BAPI activity either with an NCo installation or with a SAP GUI installation. This would greatly simplify the use of BAPIs in many cases.

Thanks for all your effort and support.

Best regards


Thanks for investigation and suggestion. I am going to discuss this with me team mates.

Thanks, Lev

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Thank you very much for your support and effort @LevKushnir :+1: