Please add SSO for SAP login

Hi @loginerror - I was happy to see the new SAP BAPI in Preview…but ALAS, it’s still looking for a username and password!!! When will we have SSO enabled? Like LOTS of firms, we no longer have passwords for SAP - we are 100% SSO.



Hi @mgirishfan

Indeed, it is one of the improvements that will come with future versions. I think @Bhushan.Khadpe could provide more information, but I doubt a specific date can be shared just yet :slight_smile:

Hi @mgirishfan ,

We have released SAP BAPI 2.2.0 in August. The SAP Application Scope activity supports additional parameters that allow the configuration of a connection using a Custom Application Server, or a Group/Server Selection, as well as authentication using User/Password or SSO. Also, all of the RfcConfigParameters are supported in the Advanced parameters and can be specified as a semicolon separated list of name value pairs.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to your feedback.