Hold Process Execution until another one is finished


I guess it would be great to have a feature that allow us to set some kind of execution matrix between the process, so we can set what process cannot run when there’s others running.

This will help when we have two process that use the same access on the same application, and they happens to execute simultaneously. This can cause a error if the application do not allow two logins sessions at the same time.

Of course I could always use other set of access, maybe one for process, but that will burden our team, having to manage all these credentials.

Hi @lucas.stern

Could you tell us a bit more about your process setup? Wouldn’t you want to create a master process that runs these two processes sequentially and schedule that instead of the two running asynchronously?

I can also think of one workaround to use a shared boolean asset for both processes. When one process starts and accesses the target app, it sets the boolean as True, so that the second process will stop and wait a bit until the flag is changed back to False by the first process.

A master process would possibilitate these kinda of control, but I also thinks that should be a job from the Orchestrator to do, dont you think?

About the shared boolean, I guess we can increment that, to a functionality where our bots can “check-in” and “check-out” an credential. That way, when a job wants to use one credential that is currently being used for another process, the job could wait, or something like that.
What you think?

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Checking out a credentials sounds like a cool feature. I’ll push it to our tracker for the Orchestrator team to have a look :slight_smile:


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