Scaling a process with multiple credentials

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lets imagine I have a process that needs to be executed multiple times in parallel due to a high workload. The target application however only accepts one login at a time for every user account so the credentials are not suitable for a simultaneous run.

Is there a UiPath solution or feature which handles the usage of multiple Credentials for one process? For now I always entered the credential asset name in the config file and read it at runtime.

If there is no standard solution, any suggestions what could be a a scalable and stable approach?

Thanks for any help

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The limitation you mentioned is from the target application which allows only one login at a time.
I believe there is nothing that can be done to have multiple logins at a time.

As a workaround is it possible to explore API access to the application ??

Thank you @AdityaVN .

As this is a common limitation in some critical applications I work with I hope that there might be a neat solution to handle such a scenario.

API access is not an option for my case.

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A possible solution that covers a part of this problem can be found here:

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