Store/Use multiple credentials for a process

If we automate on a critical application that only allows one login with a credential pair at a time it is not possible to scale the process by running multiple instances of it at the same time. It is possible by deploying the same process again but with a different credential referenced in the config which somehow takes away flexibility and scaleability in my eyes.

Currently I cant find a good build in solution for that.

Feature Request:
Maybe it would be possible to store multiple credentials in a way that a job of a process takes one of the available credentials and blocks it until the job that fetched it is completed. Other instances could then take different Credentials.

Hi @Wenzel_B ,

We could use queue to store multiple credentials and use it in the Re framework. But I am not sure whether it is secured or not.we have an option called credential store and we can use it using activity in workflow.

Hello @sangeethaneelavannan1

I think queues are not suiteable since they have a complete different purpose.
Not familiar with other credential stores since we use the default Orchestrator Database store for credentials but I assume that the problem would be the same with other credential stores.

Hi @Wenzel_B

Cool suggestion. Our team will have a look.

In the meantime, you can do this:

  • create a special boolean asset “IsUsed”
  • now, in your process, fetch it and check if it is true; if it is, it would mean that the asset is being used and the current process should put on a delay and retry in a set amount of time
  • if it is false, the process should fetch the actual credentials and set the IsUsed asset as true - this should lock the asset for other proecess intol this one is done

This is a neat way to implement your use case.

Hello @Wenzel_B ,

How did you overcome this limitation ? :slight_smile: