Ho to identify and click on a link based on a text

I want to click on a link based on a text I intend to read. But the activity doesnt recognise the text & I also need help on tagging the corresponding link to be clicked. Appreciate your assistance.

Below is the error while running.

I want to identify NSE Id:PNB (red box) and want to click on Punjab National Bank highlighted.


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so do you get the Text from anywhere NSE Id:PNB ??

PNB is available in a variable and NSE Id is fixed… whichever stock is being picked in teh loop, it should look for the format NSE Id:Variabledata

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you can use click text activity and pass the above string NSE Id:Variabledata

But NSE Id:Variable is not a link. I want to click on the link available against this entry. Punjab National Bank is the Link here(the highlighted one).

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did you try scrapping the data? and extracting required data using regex and clicking on it?

Not sure if data scrapping will work here. Because for some cases, the data I am trying to read could be fetched directly after the search step but for some data, the screen I attached above appears.
So data fetching is not consistent here.

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did you try using anchor base as NSE id:VariableDate to click on the link??

Nope. But Anchors can be used only if the position is fixed isnt it?

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no…you can give a try

ok, let me try… thank you