Clicking links on a particular page and navigating to the new page


The main URL is

On this page there are a list of stocks and among these, there are a list of n stocks that are of interest to me.

I would like to navigate to the stock page of a particular stock by clicking on the link to it on the main url page and then fetching its NSE & BSE price.

However I am not sure about the logic to use to loop through the list of 10 stocks as click activity searches for the same stock every time.

Annotations have been added for clarity.

Can you kindly help me overcome this issue.

I am including my xaml file for your (63.6 KB)

It looks like Internet Explorer isn’t very cooperative with this site, but Chrome is. Try using Chrome to identify the elements.

Hello i followed your suggestion and tried it using Chrome.

I am now able to navigate to the different stock pages, however sometimes the page is opening in a new tab.

Also i used the Get Text activity to get the NSE Price and BSE Price from the page but this is not working.
Can you kindly check if you can solve this issue.

many thanks in (66.4 KB)

Sometimes a webpage will automatically open in a new tab. To get around this, you can set the click to a Right Click, and choose Open in New Window. This still opens a new tab, but now you can use an Attach Browser to more easily find the page.

In cases where Get Text doesn’t work, you may need to use Get OCR text. This will attempt to recognize text in images and fetch it to a string.