High-Density Robots: implication on license



For High-Density Robots, what is the implication on license?

If there are five Robots running on one virtual machine at the same time, each robot having the same key but different username, is it still only one license being consumed?

Thank you very much!


Hi @MatthewCYLau

If you have 5 users on your server, you need to provision 5 robots in Orchestrator(as you mentioned, same key, same Machine name, different Username).

In Orchestrator Settings -> License tab you can see the number of robots of each type that are available for your tenant. So, 5 robots will be “consumed” based on the type you chose for each of them.


Hi Ovi,

Is it possible to have high density robots in https://demo.uipath.com using the two development robot license provided.


Hi @TharmaKS ,

Yes, it is possible. When you provision a robot, you have in that modal a checkbox “Create another”.
If you check it you will have the same key and the same machine. You will have to change only the Username and password.

Another way would be, if you already have a robot provisioned, go to More actions and click Duplicate and it will add another robot with the same key and the same Machine name.

Please note that the two Robots(same key, same machine name, different usernames) have to be on a Windows server machine in order to run in the same time.

And here is the documentation on how to set up the server:


So I can conclude that 5 robot license will be required? 5license cost 5VMs in cloud. which one will cost more for me.?

Thank you