Licensing and HD robots


I’m confused about types of licenses and what I should use. Tried to contact Sales team but no answer for now. Can you help me answering few questions:
Which licenses I can use for high density and how? Reading the documentation its written:
“Any type of Robot, be it an Attended, Unattended or NonProduction one can be configured in a High-Density environment.”
But Attended has 2 licenses (Named user and multiple users). In licensing conepts its written that Named user is not allowed to use multiple Robots simultaneously.
Also is written every robot can connect to Orchestrator where High Density is added as feature.
If I buy Attended multiple users I can use High Density only with Orchestrator, right?
But I also can use Attended named user - for example 3 licenses without orchestrator on different users but same machine, right?

I will appreciate your help!

yes, that’s right

yes, also correct

As a general “rule” high density and licensing are two different topics.

Attended Named User allowes a specific defined user to run automations. Attended Concurrent/Multiuser allows a pool of users to run automations (but not simultaneously).


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To add to what @ovi just mentioned.

  1. What do we mean by High Density Robot Setup: It’s more about the overall Infra setup and not linked to a license type. You can run 1 Robot on a Windows 10 machine or You can run 10 Robots simultaneously (Every robot has its own User) on a Windows Server. When you run 10 Robots on a single server this is referred to as “High Density” Robot Setup and hence robots irrespective of their license types can be setup in this way. But from my experience as a best practice always run attended robots on business user machines & not on servers. Whereas I recommend running the Unattended robots on a “High Density” setup to make the most of the hardware available.

  2. Attended Robot License Types:
    Name User: You can create 1 Robot (tagged to a specific user) on orchestrator per license available or You can have a local license [aka Standalone License] (without orchestrator) that can activate it for a specific user.
    Multi User (aka Concurrent User): You can create a maximum of 3 Robots (tagged to unique users) on orchestrator per license available. But only 1 can be active at a time. There is no local license model available for this, you must have an orchestrator.

Do let me know if you have any further queries.

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