2018.1 orchestrator license concept

We have 2 virtual machines - each has 10 users

If high density feature is not enabled then new orchestrator (2018.1) use only 2 licenses to connect to 2 virtual machines. Does it mean that, we can connect only two robots , each one for one virtual machine or we can run 20 robots (2 virtual machines * 10 users) by using only 2 licenses ?

My assumption

Thank you. Understood. Licensing method is not changed from 2017.1 in this case. If we want parallel runs then it is nothing but each license for each robot.

Licensing method has changed from 17.1 to 18.1, read below.

Hi @vvaidya i have one question in the above assumption of yours you are saying orchestrator can only use 2 licenses? if we want to upload more than 2 licenses we cannot do that?
Sorry if i am wrong. Thanks

You can if Enterprise version. If it is CE, I think you can only provision two robots(not 100% sure)

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Thanks for clearing the doubt i didnt knew the above talks were reagrding CE.

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