Hide Or Mask a Queue Item


how can i remove some items from orchestrator queue for example
i want to add
Name=John, Age=30 and salary=100
i need when i open orchestrator queue then view transaction tab don’t see the salary field or see it in unreal value, but read it in real data when use get transaction item activity

Hi @takyysh,

This feature request is currently not built-in either in the Add queue item / Bulk add queue item activity or in the Orchestrator itself.

That said if your use case is to just mask a senstive value in Orchestrator, you can use a workaround using the UiPath.Cryptography.Activities. The following steps will ensure that no one can see the value of Salary key in orchestrator. You as a developer will still have access to it, so do take care of the encryption key!

In the Orchestrator:

  1. Make an asset of credential type and store your encryption key as password. Remember to take a backup of this in any other credential manager as UiPath will not let you see its value once you enter it in Orchestrator asset.

In the Dispatcher

  1. Get the credential (your encryption key)
  2. In your dispatcher, you can encrypt the salary value by using the encrypt text activity.
  3. Add to queue (encrypted string of salary can be passed ) or Bulk add to queue (will require updating the column salary with encrypted string) depending on what you are using
  4. You may have to convert from int to string as your salary variable may or may not be already a string
  5. Output of all this is an encrypted string

In the Performer

  1. Get the credential (your encryption key)
  2. Get transaction item and using the key of the specific content get the encrypted string of salary
  3. Use the decrypt activity and pass your encryption key and the encrypted string
  4. Output will be the decrypted string (your real value of salary)

Things to note

  • Note that UiPath Cryptography library uses a Symmetric-key encryption see docs
    https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/encrypt-text this means that your encryption key should be the same to encrypt a value and later decrypt a value.

  • Performance of this method is quite good so you dont have to worry about process delays due to encryption and decryption for thousands of cases.

  • You can do the same to each string or to the entire datatable see below for further explanation on how to do this.

Further reading
Complex scenario using this library is discussed here

  1. An alternative to encrypting or decrypting column values of a datatable? - Help - UiPath Community Forum
  2. UiPath.Cryptography.Activities package doesn’t provide a way to pass encryption key in a secure way - Help / Activities - UiPath Community Forum
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thanks so much @jeevith