How to encrypt data while adding in bulk to queue?

I am adding the data using Bulk Add Queue Items activity to the orchestrator queue.
I wanted to Encrypt the data in the queue as it contains the customers PII data.
Caoul someone please help me with the approach?

Hi @Harsha_Vemula

Check on this thread

I hope it helps!!

Hi @Harsha_Vemula

Use UiPath.Cryptography Package

You can use the UiPath.Cryptography activities to generate a secure key. Use activitiyGenerate Secure Text. Retrieve the encryption key as a secure string in your workflow.
Use the UiPath.Cryptography.Encrypt activity to encrypt the sensitive data using the encryption key. The encrypted data will be in byte array format.
Convert the encrypted byte array to a Base64 string representation for storage and transmission purposes.
Use the Bulk Add Queue Items activity to add the encrypted data to the Orchestrator queue.

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Hi @Harsha_Vemula

  1. In the Queues page, click Add Queue. Two options are displayed allowing you to create a new queue or to link queues from other folders.
  2. Click Create a new queue. The Create Queue window is displayed.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the queue.
  4. In the Description field, add a description for the queue.
  5. Select the Enforce unique references checkbox if you want transaction references to be unique or not.
  6. Select the Store in encrypted format checkbox if you want to have queue items data and output encrypted in the database

If you want more information. Refer the below link

Hope it helps!!

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I will try this and let you know on the result. :blush:

Hi, i tried this but still i am able to see the actual data in the queue. It is not stored in encrypted format.

If you are trying to encrypt the existing queues cannot be encryptes. As an alternative, you can recreate the queue and select the Store in encrypted format checkbox. @Harsha_Vemula

Of course you can see the data in the queue. How else would you use the data? The point is that it’s encrypted in the database.

In that how we will get to know if the data is really encrypted? I just wanted to know.

It’s encrypted in the database. You’d have to get direct access to the database.

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