Hide or Mark Queue Item as Read Temporarily

I am wondering if there is a way to hide a queue item temporarily so that it does not process the next time the automation is run, but also so that it is not deleted and needs to re-added to the queue.

For example, say I have a queue with 5 items remaining. Is there a way to pick 3 specific items of those 5 and run the process and leave the other 2 for another time? Or is the only way to delete those 2 from the queue and re-add them?


Hi @jpreziuso

Check on this thread

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Hi @jpreziuso

  1. You can set a custom status for those items that you want to skip for the current run. For example, you can create a custom status called “Skipped” or “On Hold.”
  2. In your automation process, when processing the items from the queue, add logic to check the status of the queue item. If the status is set to “Skipped” or “On Hold,” you can skip processing that item and move on to the next one.
  3. When you want to process those “Skipped” or “On Hold” items in the future, you can change their status back to “New” or any other relevant status that indicates they are ready to be processed again.

For this you can use “Set Transaction Status” activity.

You would postpone the ones you don’t want to run, using the Postpone Queue Item activity.


In add queue item there is a property postphone, so postphone the queue items upto some daya or some time

Take a condition to mention what queue itema are in postphone state


Postone the queue items depending on the conditions you wnat to check and process only those which you wnat to …postpone time can be set as you like


Thanks for all the replies. I don’t think the functionality I’m looking for exists as of right now but I will try some of these steps

What do you mean? Postpone will do exactly what you want.